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December 11, 2017


by Joy McGregor

When all the turkey and stuffing has been eaten and the Rose Parade has been watched, it will be time to prepare for our very first tournament of the new year. The BVL tournament will be hosted this year by LINBROOK BOWL, 201 S. Brookhurst Ave., in Anaheim.

This very popular event is January 20 and 21, 2018 with squad times at 10 AM and 1:30 PM both days. The deadline for mailed entries is January 19, 2018. On-site entries accepted. Any group wishing to bowl together, please send entry forms in together in the same envelope or check-in together. The entry cost is $25 with re-entry at $20 with an optional prize fund of $5.

This is a three (3) game singles scratch by division tournament. The prize fund will be returned 100% at least one place for every 10 entries with a handicap of 90% of 220. You may bowl as many times as you wish but a bowler may only CASH ONCE in his or her division for the scratch championship and only CASH ONCE in the optional prize fund. All entrants must be members of Orange County USBC with a verifiable Orange County USBC average to be eligible for optional prize fund and to be a representative at the Helen Duval Veterans finals. A 2016-17 highest published average (regardless of association) from winter or summer season book of 21 games or more will be used.


This is such a popular tournament as the hospitalized veterans realize all the monies collected and provides recreational and therapeutic programs and services to veterans. BVL picks up where government funding leaves off, providing the “extras” that brighten spirits and boost morale. Look for the lilac colored entry forms in ALL Orange County centers and get your entries in. You may also download the entry on our website: Please call the association office at 714/554-0111 for more info or assistance.

See y’all on the lanes at LINBROOK BOWL…


by Joy McGregor

Our 2017 Annual Mixed Doubles tournament has come and gone for another year.

This popular tournament hosted by La Habra 300 Bowl was a success and yielded many happy participants.

The top 8 are listed.The total list will be posted on our website: on November 20.

The winners for 2017 are: 1st place – Sandy Magana and Dave Easel with a fine 1,390. Next in line by only 9 pins is Andrea Fredericks and her partner David McKay – 1,381. 3rd place goes to the team of Shelly and Ken Maxey – 1,379. 4th place – Mei Huey/George Yue – 1,376. 5th place – Marissa Gines/Hong Kha – 1,366. 6th place – Ashley Gines/Hong Kha – 1,363. 7th place – Erin McCarthy/Jim Needham – 1,351 and 8th place – Amber and Tony Toliver – 1,343.

Congratulations to all our winners. You may call the office at 714/554-0111 and speak to our association manager, Andrea Fredericks to find out where you placed.

Thank you to La Habra 300 Bowl for hosting and to all board members and volunteers who helped make this tournament the success it was. We couldn’t do it without all of you. THANK YOU!!

Our next tournament will be our very popular BVL tournament to be held January 20 and 21 at Linbrook Bowl. Entries will be in all Orange County centers shortly, also on our website and announcements will be published in the Bowling News. Please go to their website: as this is a weekly digital copy only and the hard copy is published monthly. Thank you Bowling News for keeping all our bowlers in the loop!


p.s. The Orange County office will be closed starting December 18 and re-open January 2, 2018.


October 2, 2017


by Joy McGregor

The ever-popular Annual Mixed Doubles tournament is just around the corner….LA HABRA 300 BOWL, 370 E. WHITTIER BLVD., LA HABRA on NOVEMBER 4, Squad Times: 12:00 and 3:30 PM and NOVEMBER 5, Squad Times: 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM. The entry fee is $40 per team and you may bowl multiple times but cash only once with the same partner. To bowl together you must submit entry forms together.

Each entrant MUST be a member of the OCUSBC with an average (listed in order of acceptability on entry form).Doubles teams will receive 90% of 440. One award for every 8 entries. Please check ALL rules on the entry flyer as they are strictly adhered to.

Credit cards are accepted; you must call the office at 714/554-0111. Onsite entries will be accepted as space permits. The deadline for entries mailed to the office is OCTOBER 25, 2017. E-MAIL ENTRY TO: or mail to office: P.O. Box 4396, Garden Grove, Ca. 92842.

Get your entries in early as this tournament fills quickly. Entry form…golden rod color, are in ALL Orange County centers.

See y’ll at LA HABRA 300 BOWL….

July 17, 2017


by Joy McGregor

Just a reminder of our Sr. Singles tournament being contested this year at AMF VALLEY VIEW LANES in Garden Grove. This popular annual event is just around the corner: JULY 29TH AND 30TH with two squads both days at 10 AM and 1:30 PM!

Get your entries in now, although the deadline is July 25 … you still have time and if you can’t mail it to the office, bring it with you, lanes permitting, you will still be able to participate!! Walk-ins are accepted as space permits and we accept credit cards so NO EXCUSES!!

This is such a popular event…50 years of age up to 75 and over…everyone can bowl as long as you are an Orange County member. And, this is handicapped at 90% of 220 so we all have a chance of winning.

You can pick up and fill out your entry flyer (green) at all Orange County bowling centers and if you would like… download the form here. Call the office at 714/554-0111 for any more info required!

See y’all at VALLEY VIEW LANES …

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June 12, 2017


by Joy McGregor

This year’s Senior Singles tournament will be held JULY 29 and JULY 30 with two squads both days: 10 AM and 1:30 PM. Our host center is AMF VALLEY VIEW LANES located at 12141 Valley View St. in Garden Grove.

This very popular event is open to all bowlers 50 years of age or older. Ages 50 to 54 are in E class; 55-59 in D class; 60-64 in C class; 65-69 in B class; 70-74 in A class and 75 and over in Super Senior class. So…there is room for all ages!! The cost to participate is $30 and is a 4-game singles event, handicapped at 90% of 220. Everyone may bowl together; you will be classified by gender and age.

Guaranteed entry deadline is JULY 25 and all entries will be scheduled in the order they are received. On-site entries will be accepted as space permits.

Entry forms (pretty mint green color), are available at all Orange County centers; fill yours out today and mail to the Association office at P.O. Box 4396, Garden Grove, Ca. 92842 or hand deliver to 13896 Harbor Blvd. #5-A, in Garden Grove. You may also e-mail entry to: or call in payment with a credit card to: 714/554-0111. Don’t be left out….MAIL TODAY!!!

Please read all rules very carefully, we don’t want to disqualify anyone. All rules are on reverse side of the entry forms. Get Entry Form & Rules HERE.

Any other info required, please contact Andrea at the office at 714/544-0111.

See y’all on the lanes…

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April 24, 2017


by Joy McGregor

Please plan to attend Orange County USBC annual meeting scheduled at 1 PM at FOUNTAIN BOWL. This year we will be holding a league Secretary/President luncheon BEFORE the annual meeting at 10 am – 12 noon.This will be very informative for ALL league secretaries and presidents with information pertinent to all leagues, a power point discussion, some trivia questions that may surprise you and of course, a delicious luncheon.

This is a very important meeting as in addition to the annual election of directors, election of delegates to 2018 state and national conventions, members will be voting on two proposed bylaw amendments. I know you want to support your local association, catch up on local Orange County news, update and refresh your knowledge of Orange County by-laws and membership, current tournaments and results AND have fun doing it! You will not only glean some important information, have some fun, renew friendships, meet some new ones and meet and greet your hard working board. We will also be holding 50/50 drawings to benefit our California hospitalized veterans and you too can be a winner!

The board is looking forward to seeing ALL of you. Remember, this is YOUR association and YOUR attendance is crucial in keeping Orange County a top association; Lots of camaraderie will be provided so get yourself in gear, mark those calendars for SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017 AT 1 PM (Sec/Pres. luncheon at 10 AM) See y’all at FOUNTAIN BOWL…

See full details on the 2017 Annual Meeting Page.

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February 6, 2017


by Joy McGregor

This extremely popular tournament is right around the corner…FEBRUARY 18 & 19 and FEBRUARY 25 & 26. This year the host center is FOUNTAIN BOWL,17110 Brookhurst St., in Fountain Valley. The squad times both weekends is 9 AM – 12:30 PM and 4 PM. The cost to enter the Women’s and Open division is $95 which covers team, doubles & singles and optional all events. The cost for the Youth is $60 which covers team and doubles & singles.Walk-ins are welcome as space permits and credit cards are accepted.The handicap for this tournament is 90% of 230. The handicap for the Youth is 90% of 200.

Look for the blue entry form for the Open, yellow for the Women and white for the Youth. Please pay particular attention to the DRESS CODE. We don’t want to have to disqualify anyone!!

This is a great tournament for all Orange County bowlers and if you hold an Orange County USBC card, guess what…you are eligible!!

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please contact the office at 714/554-0111 and get your entries in. The mailing address: P.O.Box 4396, Garden Grove, Ca. 92842. We hope to see all your smiling faces. See y’all on the lanes…

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