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July 17, 2017


by Joy McGregor

Just a reminder of our Sr. Singles tournament being contested this year at AMF VALLEY VIEW LANES in Garden Grove. This popular annual event is just around the corner: JULY 29TH AND 30TH with two squads both days at 10 AM and 1:30 PM!

Get your entries in now, although the deadline is July 25 … you still have time and if you can’t mail it to the office, bring it with you, lanes permitting, you will still be able to participate!! Walk-ins are accepted as space permits and we accept credit cards so NO EXCUSES!!

This is such a popular event…50 years of age up to 75 and over…everyone can bowl as long as you are an Orange County member. And, this is handicapped at 90% of 220 so we all have a chance of winning.

You can pick up and fill out your entry flyer (green) at all Orange County bowling centers and if you would like… download the form here. Call the office at 714/554-0111 for any more info required!

See y’all at VALLEY VIEW LANES …


June 12, 2017


by Joy McGregor

This year’s Senior Singles tournament will be held JULY 29 and JULY 30 with two squads both days: 10 AM and 1:30 PM. Our host center is AMF VALLEY VIEW LANES located at 12141 Valley View St. in Garden Grove.

This very popular event is open to all bowlers 50 years of age or older. Ages 50 to 54 are in E class; 55-59 in D class; 60-64 in C class; 65-69 in B class; 70-74 in A class and 75 and over in Super Senior class. So…there is room for all ages!! The cost to participate is $30 and is a 4-game singles event, handicapped at 90% of 220. Everyone may bowl together; you will be classified by gender and age.

Guaranteed entry deadline is JULY 25 and all entries will be scheduled in the order they are received. On-site entries will be accepted as space permits.

Entry forms (pretty mint green color), are available at all Orange County centers; fill yours out today and mail to the Association office at P.O. Box 4396, Garden Grove, Ca. 92842 or hand deliver to 13896 Harbor Blvd. #5-A, in Garden Grove. You may also e-mail entry to: or call in payment with a credit card to: 714/554-0111. Don’t be left out….MAIL TODAY!!!

Please read all rules very carefully, we don’t want to disqualify anyone. All rules are on reverse side of the entry forms. Get Entry Form & Rules HERE.

Any other info required, please contact Andrea at the office at 714/544-0111.

See y’all on the lanes…


April 24, 2017


by Joy McGregor

Please plan to attend Orange County USBC annual meeting scheduled at 1 PM at FOUNTAIN BOWL. This year we will be holding a league Secretary/President luncheon BEFORE the annual meeting at 10 am – 12 noon.This will be very informative for ALL league secretaries and presidents with information pertinent to all leagues, a power point discussion, some trivia questions that may surprise you and of course, a delicious luncheon.

This is a very important meeting as in addition to the annual election of directors, election of delegates to 2018 state and national conventions, members will be voting on two proposed bylaw amendments. I know you want to support your local association, catch up on local Orange County news, update and refresh your knowledge of Orange County by-laws and membership, current tournaments and results AND have fun doing it! You will not only glean some important information, have some fun, renew friendships, meet some new ones and meet and greet your hard working board. We will also be holding 50/50 drawings to benefit our California hospitalized veterans and you too can be a winner!

The board is looking forward to seeing ALL of you. Remember, this is YOUR association and YOUR attendance is crucial in keeping Orange County a top association; Lots of camaraderie will be provided so get yourself in gear, mark those calendars for SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017 AT 1 PM (Sec/Pres. luncheon at 10 AM) See y’all at FOUNTAIN BOWL…

See full details on the 2017 Annual Meeting Page.


February 6, 2017


by Joy McGregor

This extremely popular tournament is right around the corner…FEBRUARY 18 & 19 and FEBRUARY 25 & 26. This year the host center is FOUNTAIN BOWL,17110 Brookhurst St., in Fountain Valley. The squad times both weekends is 9 AM – 12:30 PM and 4 PM. The cost to enter the Women’s and Open division is $95 which covers team, doubles & singles and optional all events. The cost for the Youth is $60 which covers team and doubles & singles.Walk-ins are welcome as space permits and credit cards are accepted.The handicap for this tournament is 90% of 230. The handicap for the Youth is 90% of 200.

Look for the blue entry form for the Open, yellow for the Women and white for the Youth. Please pay particular attention to the DRESS CODE. We don’t want to have to disqualify anyone!!

This is a great tournament for all Orange County bowlers and if you hold an Orange County USBC card, guess what…you are eligible!!

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, please contact the office at 714/554-0111 and get your entries in. The mailing address: P.O.Box 4396, Garden Grove, Ca. 92842. We hope to see all your smiling faces. See y’all on the lanes…


December 27, 2016


by Joy McGregor

It’s THAT time of year again….Orange County USBC Association Championship BVL Tournament will be held January 28 and January 29, 2017. This Year’s FUN tournament is hosted by LINBROOK BOWL, 201 S. Brookhurst Street, Anaheim. There will be two squads per day…10AM and 1PM with check in time one hour before each squad.

The entry fee is $20 with the optional prize fund at $5. You may bowl multiple times but cash only once in your division. The 3-game singles tournament will be scratch with 5 divisions for the ladies, 4 for men and 5 for youth. The optional prize fund for the adults is handicapped at 90% of 220 (one place for every 10 entries.) Checks will be mailed to the adult winners. In lieu of prize fund, youth bowler winners will receive scholarships to be placed into the S.M.A.R.T. Program.

Remember, ALL ORANGE COUNTY BOWLERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THIS CHARITABLE EVENT! The winners in each division will have the opportunity to compete and represent Orange County at the state USBC BVL finals and, have a GREAT time.

Please read ALL rules pertaining to this tournament. The entry closing date is January 26 or when squads are filled. On-site entries accepted.

BVL provides recreational and therapeutic programs and services to veterans at our nation’s VA Medical Centers, Veterans Centers and State Homes. BVL picks up where government funding leaves off, providing the “extras” that brighten spirits and boost morale.Let’s support our veterans!!

This tournament is ALWAYS fun with lots of camaraderie, opportunity drawings, BVL 50/50 tickets and best of all…ALL proceeds are donated to our hospitalized veterans. See y’all at LINBROOK BOWL!

November 8, 2016


by Joy McGregor

Our popular Mixed Doubles tournament hosted this past weekend by La Habra “300” Bowl was a success as we saw many, many bowlers come out for fun and competition. The top 5 bowlers are listed and the complete list of all participants is listed on our website: All scores are handicapped as follows:

1st place – Shawn Reed/Tamra Van Der Haar of Whittier – 1,443; 2nd – Rey Cabatbat/Amanda Stewart of Westminster – 1,421; 3rd – Greg Nardo/Jacqueline Bertot of Coto De Caza – 1,401; 4th – Jerry Rudd/Cindy Trump of La Habra – 1,386 and 5th – Rey Gines/Ashley Gines of Corona – 1,379.

In the Youth department we saw 10 teams entered:

1st place – Joshua Villegas/Alli Azvedo of Anaheim – 1,402; 2nd – Kenneth Lolley/Jordyn Bustamante of Hacienda Hgts – 1,349; 3rd – Shane Howard/Jordyn Bustamante of La Habra – 1,346; 4th – Carl Pena/Jackie Azvedo of Anaheim Hills – 1,333 and 5th – Shane Howard/Sahara Morgan of Anaheim – 1,306.

We wish to congratulate all the above winners and a BIG “THANK YOU” to all the participants who took their turn;we saw lots of camaraderie and many thanks also to those who bought 50/50 tickets….the veterans thank you!!

Thank you to all board members who turned out to work this tournament, we couldn’t do it without you!

Be on the lookout for our tournament flyers announcing our next tournament: BVL to be hosted by Linbrook Bowl the last 2 weekends in January 2017. Please check the tournament posters located in ALL Orange County centers for exact dates of the BVL tournament. This tournament is one of most popular so get your entries in early.


See y’all on the lanes…

October 10, 2016


by Joy McGregor

This very popular tournament is fast approaching…NOVEMBER 5 AND 6, 2016. This year’s tournament will be hosted by LA HABRA ‘300’ BOWL,at 370 E. Whittier Blvd., La Habra.

The 28th Annual Orange County USBC Richard Naylor Mixed Doubles tournament is looking forward to processing your entries, so get them in early…the reserved entries close OCTOBER 31, 2016 with on-site entries accepted based on lane availability.

Squad times: Saturday, Nov. 5 – 12 PM and 3 PM and Sunday, Nov. 6 – 10 AM and 1 PM and the cost of the doubles entry is $40. Each participant may enter more than once but may cash only one time with the same partner. The 3-game handicap event is 90% of the difference of entering average from 420 for each doubles team.

Please check ALL rules on the reverse side of the pale blue entry flyers as they will be STRICTLY be enforced. Look in all your fav Orange County centers!

Get your partners lined up and sashay on down to LA HABRA BOWL for fun, camaraderie, competition and…be a winner!!!

Please contact the Orange County association office at 714/554-0111 for further details, if needed. See y’all on the lanes…

June 20, 2016


by Joy McGregor

JULY 30 & 31, 2016 at FOUNTAIN BOWL, 17110 Brookhurst St. in Fountain Valley is THE place to be.

There will be two squads each day 10AM & 1PM. This is a 4-game singles tournament and handicapped at 90% of 220. The deadline for guaranteed entries is JULY 26 SO YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO GET YOUR ENTRIES MAILED TO THE OFFICE: P.O. Box 4396, Garden Grove, 92842. Please, if you want to bowl together, send entries in same envelope!

On-site entries will only be accepted upon lane availability!! All entrants MUST be 50 years of age by July 30. Please also adhere to ALL rules pertaining to this tournament, we certainly do not want to disqualify anyone;all rules are on back of the “green” entry flyer!

This is a very popular venue and we are hoping to make this year a whopping success!!!! The cost is still only $25 and that is quite a bargain these days…you will have all the camaraderie and FUN you can handle so….come on down to FOUNTAIN BOWL and into the “cool” AC and have a ball.

Remember men and women may bowl together but are categorized in their age division. Winners in each age classification receive a free entry into the 2017 CUSBC Senior Tournament. Entry fees must be paid by the bowler to CUSBC and will be reimbursed to the entrant upon proof of participation.

Get your entries in early…lookin’ forward to seeing y’all at FOUNTAIN BOWL…


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April 18, 2016


by Joy McGregor

Please plan to attend the Orange County USBC Annual Meeting slated for SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2016 at 1 PM at FOUNTAIN BOWL, 17110 Brookhurst in Fountain Valley.

Your vote is needed for the election of board members and elections of delegates, who will represent YOU, to the 2017 annual national and state conventions.

The meeting is informative and includes updates to Orange County By-Laws, membership, and current tournaments and results. All news from USBC headquarters concerning new rules and any pertinent comings and goings, correspondence and facts you may not be aware of. Come support your association, have some fun, renew friendships, greet your hard-working board, ask questions and glean some valuable working knowledge. All guaranteed to spur your interest and improve your brain cells. Exciting!!! We also hold 50/50 drawings to benefit our California hospitalized veterans, and you too can be a winner!

The board is looking forward to seeing ALL of you! Remember this is YOUR association and YOUR attendance is crucial in keeping Orange County a top association. Lots of camaraderie will be provided so get yourself in gear, mark those calendars for SUNDAY, MAY 22 AT 1 PM. See y’all at FOUNTAIN BOWL…


April 18, 2016


by Joy McGregor

The following is a list by center of the Orange County USBC Pepsi District Winners. The handicap winners get scholarship only and the scratch winners under 8 and under 10 yrs also get scholarship. The under 12, 15 and 20 yrs winners advance to the state finals being held at FOUNTAIN BOWL on MAY 7 AND 8, 2016.

LINBROOK BOWL…(scratch) U12 girls – Alli Azevedo, U15 boys – Trenton Gibbs, Ryan Gallant. U20 girls – Karissa Huizar (hdc) and U20 boys – (scratch & hdc) – Eddie Galicia.

LA HABRA 300 BOWL…(scratch) – U15 girls – Amanda Buettner and (hdc) – Jacqueline McKean and Jordyn Bustamante. U15 boys (scratch)and (hdc) – Alex Zieg, U15 boys – (scratch) – Cory Compte. U20 girls (scratch) – Mandy Arriola and Tar  Meeks. U20 boys (scratch) – Blake Copeland.

FOREST LANES… (hdc) U15 girls – Winah Ruiz, U20 boys (scratch) – Kasey Uyesugi.

IRVINE LANES…U12 girls (hdc) – Karla Shimons and Amanda Henderson. U12 boys (hdc) – Brady Gassel. U15 boys (scratch & hdc) – Spencer Sloniger, Jaden Hoang Tieu and Jake Melcei. U15 boys (scratch) – Brooks Blogg.

SADDLEBACK LANES…(scratch) U15 girls – Jasmine Karlan. U20 boys (scratch & hdc)) – Sean Adams.

Give these kids a standing ovation for their accomplishments. If you want to see these awesome youth throw some awesome scores, come down to FOUNTAIN BOWL, MAY 7 and 8 and watch!!! Call Fountain Bowl for times.

Some of these kids just might be future professional bowlers you will see on TV. The Youth Programs at these local centers are teaching the youth of today all the fundamentals and knowledge of our beloved sport along with the fun and camaraderie that goes with it.


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March 7, 2016


by Joy McGregor

The Orange County USBC Annual Women’s, Open & Youth Tournament held February 20-21 and 27-28 at Forest Lanes was a pleasing success. The following is a list of the top 5 bowlers in each division:

OPEN: (Team) 1st – That’s How We Roll, Garden Grove – 2,933, 2nd – Mac’s Crew, Irvine – 2,926, 3rd – OCCBA #2, Cypress – 2,876, 4th – Team 1.3, Irvine – 2,860 and 5th – Petrella, Lake Forest – 2,838.

(Doubles & Singles) – 1st – Roy Coleman/James Mabus, Garden Grove – 1,584, 2nd – Albert Salinas/Roger Vasquez,Buena Park – 1,572, 3rd – Robert Gunning/Richard Fels, Anaheim – 1,555, 4th – Stan Friedman/Scott Worrell, Laguna Hills – 1,531 and 5th – McKinley Malapas/Brent Ilagan, Irvine – 1,514.

(Singles) – 1st – Ellis Houston, Carson – 865, 2nd – Roy Coleman, Garden Grove – 827, 3rd – Gregory Meader, Westminster – 796, 4th – Albert Crocker, Carson – 793 and 5th – Lynne Tomita, Cypress – 786.

(All Events) – 1st – Roy Coleman, Garden Grove – 2,511, 2nd – McDonald Malapas, Irvine – 2,314, 3rd – Ellis Houston, Carson – 2,304, 4th – Phillip Sahagun, Fountain Valley – 2,264 and 5th David Chaney, Irvine – 2,210.

WOMENS: (Team) – 1st – Yolo, Carson – 2,597, 2nd – Lucky Strikes, Rancho Santa Marg. – 2,551, 3rd – KutUps #2, Garden Grove – 2,534, 4th – OCCBA #2, Cypress – 2,516 and 5th – Kamaaina #7, Riverside – 2,509.

(Doubles & Singles) – 1st – Jessica Quental/April Anderson, Stanton – 1,410, 2nd – Judy Endow/Mei Huey, Cypress – 1,402, 3rd – Marily Kossky/Tara Holmes, Yorba Linda – 1,384, 4th – Marie Brackley/Judith Lillemoen, Foluntain Valley – 1,354 and dth – Sara Rosen/Anna New, Stanton – 1,335.

(Singles) – 1st – Mei Huey, Cypress – 755, 2nd – Rosetta Crockett, Gardena – 707, 3rd – Jessica Quental, Stanton – 702, 4th & 5th is a tie: Janyne Nishimoto, Riverside and Kimberley Johnson-Agulto, Carson with 699.

(All Events) – 1st & 2nd is a tie: Jessica Quental, Yorba Linda and Mei Huey, Cypress with 2,072, 3rd – Marily Kossky, Yorba Linda – 2,029, 4th – Judy Endow, Cypress – 2,004 and 5th – Ethel Montgomery, Montclair – 1,990.

YOUTH: (Team) – 1st – La Habra 3, Buena Park – 2,842, 2nd – High School Drop Outs, Trabuco Canyon – 2,558, 3rd – Saturday Juniors, Mission Viejo – 2,499, 4th – Westminster #3, Garden Grove – 2,494 and 5th – La Habra 1, Buena Park – 2,492.

(Doubles & Singles) 1st – Cameron Bolanos/Christopher Moran, Buena Park – 1,405, 2nd – Michaela Buhain/Lawrence Buhain, Rancho Santa Marg. – 1,383, 3rd – Alan Lam/Tyler Rawlings, Garden Grove – 1,379, 4th – Shane Howard/Mandy Arriola, Buena Park – 1,344 and 5th Andrew Mathieson/Joseph Reed, Garden Grove – 1,327.

(Singles) – 1st – Brooks Blogg, Irvine – 796, 2nd – Shane Howard, Buena Park – 741, 3rd – Lawrence Buhain, Rancho Santa Marg. – 735, 4th – Winah Ruiz, Mission Viejo and 5th – Marcus Nakaumra, Mission Viejo – 715.

(All Events) – 1st – Shane Howard, Buena Park – 2,348, 2nd Marcus Nakamura, Mission Viejo – 2,270, 3rd – Tyler Rawlings, Garden Grove – 2,239, 4th – Andrew Mooney, Long Beach and 5th – Christopher Moran, Buena Park – 2,096.

All in all, a high scoring event with plenty of smiling faces. A lot of hard work put in by the Orange County board, all volunteers, scorekeepers and very efficient staff at Forest Lanes contributed to a well-run tournament. Thank you to all who worked and to Forest Lanes for hosting!! All participants are listed on our website: so please check it out and find out just exactly where you placed.

PLEASE check our Tournament Poster posted in ALL Orange County centers and our website for our next tournament: Senior Singles Tournament. See ya’ll on the lanes…


February 15, 2016


by Joy McGregor

As some of you may know, California USBC is hosting the State Open, Women’s and Youth Championships in Orange County at FOREST LANES. The tournament runs April l through July 10, 2016. Hopefully, you all are signing up as you read this message….entries can be found online at

The Orange County USBC board is seeking your help. Over the 12 weeks of the state championships we have been asked to run the Ways and Means table and we are looking for volunteers to help us work the following weekends. You can volunteer 1 day, part of a day or a whole weekend. Please reach out to our Ways & Means committee chairperson, Susie Renton, by calling 714/554-0111 or email

April 1-2-3               April 8-9-10 (women’s only squad)               April 15-16-17

April 22-23-24       April 29-30-May 1 (women’s only squad)     May 20-21-22

May 27-28-29         June 3-4-5                                                            June 17-18-19

June 24-25-26        July 8-9-10 (adult & youth weekend)

There will be NO bowling the weekends of Mother’s Day (May 8), BVL state rolloff, (May 14) and CUSBC convention (June 11-12 and July 4).

The squad times for working are: Friday – 8PM only, Saturday – 8AM, 11:30AM, 3PM & 6:30PM, Sunday – 8AM, 11:30AM & 3PM. We are asking that you be present 1 hour prior to squad start times.



February 8, 2016


by Joy McGregor

This extremely popular annual tournament is just around the corner: FEBRUARY 20 & 21 AND FEBRUARY 27 & 28. Our host center this year is FOREST LANES, 22771 Centre Drive in Lake Forest. All venues will be contested at Forest Lanes with 3 squads per day: 9AM, 12PM and 3Pm. Walk-ins are welcome subject to lane availability at each event. Tournament handicap for the Women’s is 90% of 210 with entry fee of $65, the Open is 90% of 230 with entry fee of $65 and the Youth is 90% of 200 with entry fee of $45.

All rules are printed on the reverse of the entry flyers and will be strictly adhered to so PLEASE read carefully, we certainly do not want to disqualify anyone. These tournaments are all sanctioned and open to ALL Orange County bowlers; please have your card ready to show at check-in.

Orange County now accepts credit cards for your convenience. Please fill out the entry flyer and mail to the office with your squad time and date circled or walk it in at the tournament. The check in time is 1 hour BEFORE each squad! You may also call Andrea at the office: 714/554-0111 to schedule your team and reserve your spot.

We hope to see all your smiling faces at FOREST LANES on the scheduled dates listed above…get your teams formed and remember, you may bowl multiple times in TEAM event as long as not more than two players compete together more than once. Those entering doubles must also enter singles and vice-versa – you may only bowl doubles and singles ONE TIME.

See y’all at FOREST LANES…..

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February 1, 2016


The Grand Prize Winner of the TV in the BVL tournament Opportunity drawing is: TONY BRUNNING. He can now watch the Super Bowl on a brand new Samsung 40″ LED TV….Lucky man!!!

Other basket winners as follows: 25 gift baskets in all and 2 bowling balls.

Cusinart Basket – LaWana Clark; Afghan – Pat Sangenito; Louisville Slugger Basket – Mr. Melcer; Take Me Out to the Ball Game Basket – Joseph Macius; Beauty Basket – Jeanette Froehlich; Digital Picture Frame – David McKay; Golf – Collapsible Chipping Net – Tony Brunning; Headphones – Sharon Louie; Cake Plates – Dianne (Linbrook coffee shop); Movie Night – Claudio Lalli; Relax Basket – Chris Gorlewski; Wine Basket- Castro Cellars Chardonnay – Jeanette Froehlich; B&BW Main Place – Sandy Magana; Game Baskets – J.C. Bertot; Body Spray Basket – Sandy Magana; Breakfast Basket – Sandy Magana; Thirty-One Basket – Karen ?; Disney Frozen Basket – Mrs. Vargas; Houndstooth Purse – Susan Bergeron; Disney Olaf Basket – Mrs. Vargas; Lunch Basket – Brittany Arthur; Grey Goose Basket – Dianne Fowler; Tea Basket – Julie Keanemer; Tequila Basket – Sandy Magana; Stella Rosa Black Basket – Libby Buckley.

Bowling ball winners: Sandy Magana won the DV8 Rude Dude and Hoagy Wong won the Brunswick Mastermind Brainiac.


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February 1, 2016


by Joy McGregor

Orange County USBC held yet another, very successful BVL Tournament this year. The BVL tournament is always one of most rewarding events and our bowlers are very generous when it comes to donating to the California hospitalized veterans.

The top division winners are:
Classic Div. Genka Cabatu – 700 A Div. – Melissa Stewart-Cummins – 642, B Div. – Renee Martin – 524, C Div. – Pam Ratkosky – 589, D Div. – Pamela Essen – 377, E Div. – Fidelia Solorio – 333.
Classic Div. David McKay – 741, A Div. Carlos Hamilton – 663, B Div. Todd Heidner – 593, C Div. – Percy Presswalla – 508, D Div. Michael Calderon – 350.
YOUTH: Girls –
A Div. Amanda Buttner – 678, B Div. Abigail Pena – 454, No C Div. D Div. Amanda Henderson – 284, E Div. Leanna Vargas – 327.
YOUTH: Boys –
Classic Div. Kasey Uyesugi – 598, A Div. Joseph Reed – 630, B Div. Tyler Rawlings – 545, C Div. Brooks Bloggs – 499, D Div. Shane Howard – 564, E Div. – Lawrence Buhain – 416.

These top division winners have the honor of representing Orange County in the state rolloffs .. time and place to be announced! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK COMPETING AT STATE!!

Thank you to all who contributed prizes for our opportunity drawing baskets; we had plenty of smiling faces when their names were drawn in the last squad on Sunday. Good job by chairman Ladine Jones and her committee. Thank you’s also go out to all the Orange County board members and non board members who volunteered their time. Without YOU this tournament would not have been successful. Kudos also to LINBROOK BOWL and their friendly, courteous staff for hosting. Your loyalty and support of Orange County is much appreciated!

A list of all participants, including the optional prize fund winners will be posted on our website shortly.


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October 19, 2015


by Joy McGregor

Yes, it’s that time again…Orange County is celebrating and keeping a promise made in 1942. The Orange County USBC is gearing up for our annual fund-raising drive for the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL), a non-profit organization of league bowlers, providing programs and services for military veterans in need!

Orange County USBC volunteers will be canvassing all Orange County centers to ask all league bowlers to contribute $1.00. Some leagues have incorporated their donation into their league funds and that is wonderful, Thank You. Our goal is to collect $9,000 and considering we have 9,000 members plus, that should not pose a problem. Remember, all proceeds and donations stay in California. BVL picks up where government funding leaves off, providing many, many items (extras) that brighten spirits and boost morale.

Please be ready with your contribution and know that your donation will guarantee you a spot in our upcoming BVL Tournament scheduled for January 23 and 24, 2016 and hosted by Linbrook Bowl.

To those of you who have served, WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICE…..

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by Joy McGregor

Our retiring Orange County USBC Association Manager, Cheryl Huntington is officially retired.  A retirement party was held in her honor August 22 at Fountain Bowl.  Sooooo many friends, board members and Cheryl’s family attended.  We had a very tasty luncheon provided by Fountain Bowl and many laughs, lots of tears and quite a few “friends” who stood up and shared a memory or two….  Cheryl introduced her family and especially her new beau, Marty; I think she will be well taken care of and we all wish her a long, happy life in Globe, Arizona.  HAPPY RETIREMENT, MY FRIEND!!!

Our new Association Manager is Andrea Fredericks and we all wish her success in her new undertaking.  Welcome, Andrea!

The new office hours are as follows:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – 8AM – 1PM, Wednesday – 11AM – 4PM.  The office will be closed on Friday as usual.

Please, all league secretaries, read your “Welcome to 2015-16 year” letter.  There are many changes and please pay particular attention to getting all membership applications into the office as soon as possible; the association only has 30 days to enter ALL memberships!


U nite our sport for all our bowlers!

S erve all our bowlers with excellence!

B uild our membership and our message!

C ontinue to pass our passsion and love for the sport to our youth, our future!

FYI:  The Annual Mixed Doubles Tournament will now be held at Linbrook Bowl, same date: Nov. 7 and 8  Flyers will be in ALL Orange County centers shortly…look for them and get your entries in quickly.

Enjoy your Labor Day festivities and be ready for all your new leagues to begin!!

See y’all on the lanes…

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June 8, 2015


by Joy McGregor

Cheryl Huntington’s resignation will be effective August 31st.  She is retiring after 10 years of service as secretary (Assoc. Mgr.) of Orange County USBC Association.  It is with great sadness we say goodbye to our “Fearless Leader” but as it is sad for Orange County, it is happiness for Arizona!

Cheryl was born in Arizona and was a member of the Arizona WBA for 14 years, director Mesa Valley WBA for 4 years and director for Arizona WBA 1 year.  She has been an Orange County member for 37 years.

She was married to her love, Bill who was past O.C. president and Hall of Famer for 36 wonderful years.  During this time Cheryl moved up the ranks in our organization, starting as director – 2 yrs, 5th V.P. – 1yr, 2nd V.P. – 6 yrs and secretary for 10 years.  She was OCYABA secretary for 15 years and has held membership and worked all Orange County committees.  She was a WIBC delegate 25 years.  She was also a CWBA delegate 18 years and a YABA delegate for 13 years with 1 year as head teller of both.  She also boasts she has bowled in 35 national and 27 CA State tournaments and also 14 Arizona State tournaments… Wow, wonder how she had time to work?  Those are awesome credentials, Cheryl!!

In 1998 Cheryl was honored with CSYABA Officer of the Year award and installed into Orange County Hall of Fame in 2005.  She also wears many other hats, too numerous to mention – a walking rule book for one!

We all will miss Cheryl’s friendly voice on the office phone and her presence at our tournaments.  Don’t be surprised Cheryl, when you get a phone call from one of us crying,”Help”!  Arizona is not THAT far away, so maybe a visit or two is warranted?

Cheryl has a brother Tommy and a sister, Geri.  She has 3 children, Brian, Jeff and Lynn-Marie with 4 adorable grandkids, Alexandra, Garrett, Gabrielle and Karinna.

Cheryl is having a Retirement Party slated for AUGUST 22ND AT NOON AT FOUNTAIN BOWL and everyone is invited!  Please mark your calendar to say a fond farewell to this very fine lady…I reckon y’all will be missed!!

Jan Hlucky is officially, as of May 31st, a retired person enjoying much more time now, with her family.

Jan has worked at the Orange County USBC office for a total of 36 years, 26 of those years starting with the men’s organization (OCBA).  She handled all business relating to the men, namely all sanctioning, awards, telephones and keeping records, etc.  After the men’s (OCBA) and women’s (WIBC) organizations merged with USBC, Jan stayed on for 10 years to help maintain our office in good stead.

Jan has seen many, many changes in her 36 years of service in the bowling industry.  She says she remembers Orange County being one of the largest bowling organizations boasting 34,000 male and 43,000 female members with 34 bowling centers! shocking to read when faced with actual numbers.

Jan and her husband Lee own a thriving swimming pool business and have for 45 years.  She also puts on her other hat to maintain their books.  Jan has not bowled for 13 years but is now eagerly looking forward to joining a senior league this fall…you go girl!

She did her job well, handling all tasks with efficiency.  Jan will be missed but there comes a time when family has to come first so good for you, Jan.  Enjoy your leisure and go on some put on-the-burner trips like camping which her family loves, loves to do; they actually own their own trailer which, Jan admits (close your ears, Lee), is his man cave…hummmmm….  Jan and Lee have 2 daughters, Davine & Maureen and 2 sweet grandsons, Josh and Jacob.

Jan’s party will take place JUNE 20th AT NOON AT FOUNTAIN BOWL.  And, like Cheryl’s party…EVERYONE IS INVITED!!  See y’all there….

 TRIVIA for FUN: A lightening bolt generates temps 5 times hotter than that on the surface of the sun!

 TRIVIA for FUN: 5% of the entire US potato crop goes to make McDonald’s french fries!

 TRIVIA for FUN: There are about 1 million ants for every person.  Now, there’s a daunting thought!!

 TRIVIA for FUN: Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs & chickens with red lobes lay brown eggs…who knew chickens even had ear lobes?  Something to ponder!

 TRIVIA for FUN:  The largest snowflake recorded is 15″ wide x 8″ thick.  Wow!…this was recorded on Jan. 28, 1887 in Montana.

 TRIVIA for FUN: Raindrops fall @ 7 miles per hour…