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Bowling Colleagues
USBC – United States Bowling Congress
California USBC Association
BVL – Bowlers to Veterans Link
Orange County 600 Club
PBA – Professional Bowlers Association
Orange County Bowling Venues
AMF Carter Bowl in Fullerton
Concourse Bowl in Anaheim
Forest Lanes in Lake Forest
Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley
Irvine Lanes in Irvine
La Habra 300 Bowl in La Habra
Linbrook Bowl in Anaheim

Saddleback Lanes in Mission Viejo

Westminster Lanes in Westminster


Student bowling summer project

The key ingredient to performance on the lanes is MAINTENANCE OF YOUR BOWLING EQUIPMENT. At you will find just what is required. This link is offered by “Anthony” who was doing research on his summer project on his chosen subject, sports, and he chose Bowling. We think he deserves an “A”. Thanks, Anthony! Below is the letter we received:


Good morning Andrea!

I just wanted to quickly say thanks for your webpage, ( One of the students in my summer tutoring group picked to do a sports project on bowling, and yesterday when he was doing research he ended up on your page… He thought we should tell someone that we were using the resources there – Anthony found great information for his project so thank you:)

Also! We decided that because we used some of your resources, we should share one of our own- Anthony picked out a great one: ‘Cleaning and Maintaining Bowling Balls and Equipment’ –

It has good information on taking care of bowling equipment, which Anthony says his dad tells him is very important:) so he thought it would be a good addition to that page he found- do you mind adding it? He’d feel so accomplished knowing he helped you out and I’d love to show him at his next session! Thanks, Andrea and enjoy your summer!!

Anthony & Ms. Murphy

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